Our Bathrooms are executed to your specifications. Our focus is delivering a durable, high-end finish at an affordable price. We enjoy clean and uplifting designs and palettes.

We can install:


We are able to install all the plumbing from under the floor and behind walls to the final finish with installed and fully working appliances. We are also able to perform maintenance and repairs to existing work.

Floor & Wall Tiles

We can Install, Remove, Maintain and Repair both floor and wall tiles. We can advise on the most suitable and hard-wearing options available when it comes to making your choice of tiles.


We can install solid wood flooring, laminate and tiles to your specifications. We can also advise on the best and most durable choices you can make.


When it comes to appliances, we are careful to install your WC's, Baths, Shower Units, Basins, and anything else you require, with care and in perfect working order. We believe that good spacial design improves the usability and lifetime of appliances and we are able to help you choose the best layouts to get the most out of your space and appliances.

Shower Units

Choosing a Shower unit can be daunting. So let us take the stress out of it for you and help you decide on the most suitable shower unit for your space and your requirements. We can have it fitted in no time.

Heated Mirrors

Who wouldn't love to step out of a steamy shower and be able to use the mirror without having to wipe or smudge condensation off of it first? A heated mirror means you never have to do this again!


We can install any type of lighting that our clients might want. Whether its down-lights, strip-lights or something else, we can help you achieve the ambience you're aiming for.


We can isolate any plumbing or electrical supplies to rooms or appliances you don't need a supply to anymore. We can dismantle and remove any appliances no longer required.